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Why should I consider booking rail?


Rail gives you with an opportunity to diversify your offering and boost your earning potential. Especially if you have customers who prefer the greener and more sustainable nature of rail travel.


Amadeus Rail Display makes booking rail easier than ever before.


Why Rail Display?


With Amadeus Rail Display you can book different rail providers with the same search and book functionality that you are used to from AIR.   Rail Display gives you real-time availability and fare comparison and an easy to use intuitive user interface that requires minimal training.  It gives you PNR / back-mid office integration and can reduce booking times by over 50%.


Who can I book?


Initially you will be able to book VOYAGES-SNCF content providing access to SNCF, Thalys, TGV Lyria and Eurostar.


In 2015, we are looking to provide access to Deutsche Bahn and Trenitalia.


What are the main routes / stations?


Full content (routes)



    Cross border trains: TGV Lyria, Alleo, Gala




    Regional and local trains

    Night trains


What are the different fares available?


All fares:



    Corporate fares


    Promotional fares


All loyalty and reduction/rail cards are accepted.

Restriction: no infant fares, no RIT


Can non-IATA agencies become accredited? 




Do I need a separate Amadeus contract for Rail Display?


No, there is no need for a separate contract. Rail Display is part of our Subscriber Agreement.

You will need SNCF accreditation in order to gain access to content within Rail Display. You will need to contact their Trade Sales locally.


Do Travel Agencies receive a commission by Voyages-sncf? By Amadeus?


Voyages-sncf commission to be negotiated at contract stage between the point of sales and Voyages-sncf.


What is the payment process between Travel Agencies and Voyages-sncf? 


Monthly invoice from Voyages-sncf to Travel Agency.


How do I gain access to Rail Display?


Just contact Amadeus on rail@uk.amadeus


How do I gain access to SNCF content?


You will need accreditation directly with Voyages-sncf http://uk.voyages-sncf.eu/contact


How much do I have to pay for Rail Display?


Rail Display is Free of Charge as part of Amadeus Selling Platform


Amadeus Total Rail

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